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Presenting: The Boxcar | Historically Appreciative, Culturally Relevant

The Boxcar is an exciting new space coming to the east side of Moore, Oklahoma.

            In 1889 a piece of "No man's land" in the Great Plains was subjected to a Land Run. Settlers hoping for land raced out to claim a new life for themselves. By 1890, before Oklahoma had even obtained statehood, this particular piece of land was known primarily as a railroad town called Verbecks. Folklore from the time tells us that a railroad employee named Al Moore lived in a boxcar adjacent to the tracks that ran through the land. Al was frustrated that his mail was consistently being delivered to the wrong address. To combat this issue he simply wrote "MOORE" on the side of his Boxcar in bright red paint. Passerby's came to know this section of the state by the boxcar that had "Moore" painted on it, and by 1893 the town of Moore was born.

           As the owners of the Boxcar it is our hope to bring a historical appreciation to the citizens of Moore, while simultaneously providing a culturally relevant space for social gathering. Our menu will boast a wide array of third wave (gourmet) coffee drinks, gourmet breakfast and lunch items, pastries, and locally sourced craft beer and wine. Furthermore, The Boxcar will also have an expansive "menu" of board games and puzzle guest can rent, host weekly trivia nights, and throw watch parties for specialized sporting events. 

           The idea is to create a space that families in Moore can come to experience good food, good drinks, and good community. 

We are delighted to present: The Boxcar

See you Summer 2017,